Sadistic Circus 2017


September 9, 2017 (Sat)
Open 22:00, Start 23:00, Close 05:00 (scheduled)


Differ Ariake/1-3-25 Arike, Koutou-ku
Tokyo Japan 135-0063
+81 3 5500 3731


★ Pain Solution

Stunningly marvelous! An entertainment that hits right in the brain! Everything is real! The most powerful sideshow troupe comes invading Japan!

★ CAROUSEL(Mimi Le Noire & Veronica Waite)

Dazzling aerial & burlesque duo by Halley's Comets in the sexy universe, Mimi & Veronica!

★ Dead Lift Lolita

An angelic idle unit, the strongest of all the primates, comes on stage! “Kawaii + muscles + energetic” is the source of spirit!

★ Ovegas!

A dance team of one-of-a-kinds led by gays and transsexuals! Storming all over the stage in full throttle!

★ Komadayu Asakusa

It is her 60th anniversary as a striptease dancer! An eternal nymph who has grown up at Asakusa France-za!


Contortion means bending and flexing of the human body! A brilliant feast by an amazing physical performance troupe!

★ Akira Naka + Iroha Shizuki

Enchanting! Touching! A tremble Kinbaku art entertainment show that will surely put an arrow through your heart!

★ Gokiburi Konbinat

Be prepared! A dangerous, hard, and dirty performance group rampaging the stage! An eye-opening experience with a new world musical!

★ the NOBEBO

Unbelievable golden legend! A nostalgic, 60s style gold dust body pain show originated in Beppu Onsen!

★ Hiromi Saotome

Harakiri suicide show in the dead of night that stirs up the Japanese gene! Biwa playing by a minstrel haunted by the spirits of the dead!

★ Ageha Asagi

Ultimate physical beauty draws a spiritual trajectory in an empty space! A boisterous dance show filled with a flood of emotions that will move many to tears!

★ Mr. Apatch

Back to SC for the first time in 12 years! Masterful ball handling by the first king juggler of the TV champion!

★ Hirono Yamada

The MC of the midnight freak show got to be no one else but him! Whispering voice of the foremost narrator of the day!

(* Performers and the content of their performances may change without prior notice.)


Arena seat(SS-seat)

[advance] 13.000yen (reserved seat)
[door] 14.000yen (reserved seat)


[advance] 11,500yen (reserved seat)
[door] 12,500yen (reserved seat)


[advance] 13.000yen (reserved seat)
[door] 14.000yen (reserved seat)

* No one under 20 years old admitted, ID required (bring photo ID card for proof of age).
* Additional drink fee (500 yen) is collected at admission.
* Please refer to the official website for performers before purchasing tickets.
* Performers and the content of the programs/acts may change without notice.

For those living in foreign countries

Tickets are available for those in foreign countries via the email-based purchase request form. Those living in Japan cannot purchase tickets via the purchase request form; please use e-plus for purchasing the tickets.


SS-seats are available for JPY 13,000 for each person.
These seats are NOT exclusively secured for those in foreign countries.

You cannot request for specific seats. However, if you are purchasing more than one tickets, adjacent seats will be allotted.
Fill in all items in the application form correctly, and enter the number of tickets you want to purchase.Make sure to spell out your name and address in full (do not use abbreviations).
We will contact you with the details of payment and delivery later.
Payment method is paypal.

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The purchaser will also have to pay the shipping cost for sending the tickets and bank transfer fee.
For details, please refer to the email that will be sent to you when you make a purchase request.